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This course is about Blockchain and how to design and develop DApps using Blockchain technologies. Blockchain is a technology that is transforming how people, products, services and organisations interact, transact and audit using a secure and encrypted ecosystem. There is a seismic shift underway using Blockchain technology that is impacting markets, sectors and broader global economic activity.

Blockchain is well known as the supporting technology for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but few people understand its use and full potential in other applications and services. Blockchain has already disrupted the monetary exchange system and how we securely exchange data, audit, transact, and verify authenticity. Blockchain is now disrupting every sector from banking to health to media. It is impacting and changing sectors that depend on security, transaction, value-in-use, data exchange, auditing, engagement and trust.

Global experts, technologists and innovators continue to discover new and novel uses for a technology platform originally used for cryptocurrencies and already the nascent uses of blockchains are having a profound impact in the way we design and develop products and services.

About This Course

In this course you will learn the essentials of the blockchain, the technology, the concept of the distrubuted ledger and the different opensource platforms, technologies and SDKs that can be used to develop new products and services.

This 5 day design bootcamp and hackathon will give you a chance to learn about blockchain and to develop a business idea that you can then pitch.

Using proven design thinking techniques we show you how to use and apply design thinking principles that are vital in the development of desirable, feasible and viable products using the Blockchain.

We’ll work with you to take an initial concept, and using Blockchain technology, you’ll develop a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). You’ll learn how to design and develop your MVP and then develop a pitch to raise funding and garner resources and support as you scale.

Take Aways

A fundamental and practical understanding of how blockchain works, and its potential impact on services, business and the economy.

How to develop a blockchain product and service.

An understanding of the basic blockchain technologies, SDKs and opensource resources available.

Learn how to create a Decentralised App (DApp), a distributed ledger, leverage peer-2-peer networks and create a cryptocurrency.

Learn how to navigate a Blockchain infrastructure and understand the technological building blocks of a blockchain stack.

Understand and apply the principles and practices of Lean Start-Up development.

Understand and apply the principles and practices of Human Centred Design and Design Thinking.

A certificate of attendance from the IXSD Academy; a respected testament of your enhanced skills and design thinking abilities.

Why do this course?

We teach the core concepts of designing products and services using Blockchain. In this course you’ll learn how to take and apply Design Thinking and Lean Start-Up approaches in the use of Blockchain technology in business.

We teach collaborative practices and how to use tried-and-tested tools. This course will give you a working knowledge of blockchain in different sectors and how to bring a product, service or business idea to life in projects that demand teams unleash their expertise by working collaboratively to deal with complex product and service design challenges using Blockchain.

Who is this course for?

  • Curious designers and professionals that want to learn about Blockchain and to understand how it applies to their industry, a sector or developing product for a business.
  • UX & UI Designers who want to understand how to design for Blockchain.
  • Developers: that want to build and design a high quality user friendly product.
  • You want to take advantage of the IxB (Interaction for Blockchain) toolkit.
  • Government Executives that wish to better understand Blockchain and the impact government of this new technology on projects and initiatives.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to create develop and launch desirable, viable and feasible products in a business.
  • Technologist, CTO and CIOs that want to understand how blockchain fits into their IT infrastructure and where is adds value, efficiencies and security in the delivery of enhanced IT services.
  • Consultants that would like to advise clients as you develop and grow expertise in this new and exciting technology domain to help your clients defend, differentiate and disrupt as they scale their businesses.

Day 1: Understanding blockchain and its applications

Exploring blockchain frontiers and the future

Lean Start-Up principles

Design Thinking – Working with Users

Designing for the customer experience

Design Hack

Day 2: The blockchain ecosystem

Defining Your Blockchain Stack

Defining An Opportunity Area

Hackathon 1

Day 3: Innovations in value transfer

Define Your Value Proposition

Storyboarding Ideas

Agile: Epics and Users Stories

Hackathon 2

Day 4: Decentralised apps and smart contracts

Hackathon 3

Day 5: Transforming enterprise business models

Define Your Business Model

Raise Venture Capital and Accessing Funding

Pitching and Pitch Decks

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