About This Workshop

In this intense and immersive course you will develop a common understanding of UX Design and how it can be applied to defining user-centric experiences in the product-service continuum. This workshop is an active and participatory introduction to the language, principles, tools and practices of UX Design.

Why do this course?

We teach the core concepts of  UX Design; how to research user needs, use data informed strategies, map customer journeys, build wireframes, prototype ideas and undertake resonance and usability testing. We teach sprint techniques and how to collaborate with Dev teams by defining ‘user stories’ as the common currency of the team. We’ll equip you with a working and practical knowledge of how UX Design that can be applied in your day-to-day job that will enable you to develop your skills and expertise while working with developers and business analysts in the development of web and native apps.

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Who is this course for?

We have aimed this course at non-designers and professionals that do not have a background in design as well as designers that have a background in Graphic Design or another design discipline and they wish to move into UX design.


Web and App Dev | IT | E-commerce |Government | Public Services | Financial Services | Banking | Telecoms | Utilities | Design |Media


2 Days

Course Outline



User Experience Design – UX | What, Why and How Introduction to UXD
Design Process; The Double Diamond and 4Ds


Discovery Workshops, Experience Safari and Heuristic Reviews
Working with Data – Data Informed Stragegies
Framing the challenges – Problem Statement Starters
The user is not like me! – Recruiting and Screening Users
Working with users – Contextual Research, Shadowing and Interviewing


Research Analysis and Insights – Needs Statements | Case Study
Research analysis | Persona creation
Experience Mapping | User Journeys and As-Is-Scenario
Insights and KPIs



Practices, Tools and Apps | Case Study
Ideation and Prioritisation
The Big Picture: | Your Vision Future-Scenario
The Agile Way: User Stories, MoSCoW and Resonance Testing


Prototyping: Paper and Digital Prototyping | Case Study
Usability Testing and Cognitive Walkthroughs
Design Ops: Working with Developers and Creating Design Systems
Communicating – Socialising, Sharing and Persuading

The Trainer

Director of the IXSD Academy London, Pete Fossick is a seasoned designer and has worked all over the globe with the world’s leading corporations where he has led Service design and UX design teams. More recently Peter has been the Service Design Program Director at IBM, the Director of Strategic Design at Boston Consulting Group and he has led numerous design teams in London’s leading design agencies.

He is also an academic who has lectured and directed courses at Central Saint Martins (London, UK), Glasgow School of Art (Glasgow, Scotland) and SCAD (Georgia, USA).