An Executive Leadership programme in London, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

This leadership programme is delivered by CEOs, CTOs, CoDs and Heads of Design from the world’s leading corporations, businesses, startups and agencies.

Study business, technology and design in global hubs and have a career and life changing experience. 

The programme is divided into 5 X 2 weekly learning sprints. Three of these learning sprints are immersive sessions with one each in London, Hong Kong and San Francisco.  

You will learn in three unique cultural settings with access to leading design practitioners, thought leaders, business champions, and entrepreneurs from the world’s leading start-ups, creative agencies, design groups and fortune 500 companies.  

Global Innovation Hubs

We have selected London, Hong Kong and San Francisco as our three international centers of excellence that blend design, technology, business,  and entrepreneurship that inspire cutting-edge innovation.


Starts in LONDON  September 7th and lasts until November 17th, 2020 – remote learning and coaching is the backbone of this programme with masterclasses and group sessions.


Theme: Digital Transformation in the Service Economy

With a focus on design, the digital-first economy and developing customer-centric products and services, this 2 week sprint is based in London; the world’s leading global hub for the service economy. Learn about design, technology, business in the ‘Design Capital of the World’.


Theme: Start-Ups and Scale-Ups – Using Lean Start-Up Principles 

In this intense and exciting learning spring you will work on developing a lean start-up in a hackathon. Learn about how to raise angle funding and venture capital as design a business and develop innovate digital products and services using lean start-up principles. Learn from the world’s leading experts on how design, technology and business come to together in a start-up and then how to scale it. 

Visit a host of cutting edge start-ups and design groups in the bay including Frogdesign, Fjord, IDEO, Lunar, Designit, Momentum Design Lab, Beyond, Greater Than One and many more.

This program is centred in San Francisco and explores how the Bay Area has becomes the world’s leading start-up and technology hub. The experience continues with visits to Apple, VLab, Lyft, Houzz, Eventbrite, Pinterest, GitHub, Postmates, Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures to name a few. We will also visit, MOMA, Stanford d.School, ArtCentre College of Design, and the start-up community situated in around 4th Street (SF) and Palo Alto.


Theme: Supply Chains and Logistics

In this intense learning sprint you will learn about how new products are manufactured and produced using OEM and ODM suppliers. Explore how hardware, software and the IoT and IoE is shifting us to the outcome economy. Explore how we are using global production chains to deliver the next generation of products and services. 

This sprint is centred in Hong Kong and explores how China has become the world’s factory. The program includes visits to design studios, global design HQs and experience first hand the factories and production centres that form part of the vast manufacturing expertise in Shenzhen, China. Visit Vtech, Goldpeak, Kids II, Philips, and a host of OEM and ODEM manufacturers. The program includes visits to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 

Why do these Programs?

This program has been tried and tested and shown to be invaluable in developing global leaders that are now champions of industry, design leaders, intrapeneurs, entrepreneurs and technology leaders.

Program Outcomes

    • Learn and apply a range of new skills that will enable you to lead and inspire others to achieve objectives and results in your new role.
    • Apply business thinking to generate new business models and design thinking to deliver disruptive innovation by working collaboratively and at speed as you scale using lean start-ups principles.
    • Develop a unique understanding of the cultural context of design, business and technology and the international nature of doing business in the 21st Century. 
    • Network and connect with leading figures in business, technology, design and the start-up and venture capital communities.
    • Develop new business models, products and service with assets that can be used to differentiate you from your peers. The programme is designed to support you achieve your objectives and goals as take on a position of leadership in a corporation, large organisation or similar.

Who is this course for?

  • Professionals of the highest calibre that are seeking the tools and strategies to move their career to the highest levels. 


To learn more about this programme and the associated fees and to discuss your suitability, please call Peter Fossick on +44 7972 905474 (UK) or request a call back by completing the inquiry form here.

Application Form

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