About This Workshop

In this intense immersive course you will develop an understanding of how to apply the principles and practices that support Design Operations known as ‘DesOps’.

Learn how DesOps is revolutionising design and development using lean and agile approaches to building and developing apps, products and services. DesOps is about the optimisation and systemisation of design activities by reusing and sharing user research, insights, and design assets to speed up the designing and development of user-centric products and services. This course is an active and participatory workshop.

Why do this course?

We teach the core concepts of  Design Operations (DesOps). You will learn how to operationalise and systemise design processes, using templates, design systems and reusable outputs to enable you to work at speed and agility with a DevOps team. Learn how to systemise the process of socialising assets with the wider design, dev and business community in your organisation. We teach you how to use sprints to work in an agile way with dev teams by defining the user needs as user stories – the shared ‘currency’ of the agile team. We’ll equip you with a working and practical knowledge to enable you to apply DesOps in your day-to-day job. Unleash and share your creative expertise working alongside developers and business analysts in the development of web, native apps and enterprise apps.

Who is this course for?

We have aimed this course at designers, developers, business analysts and technical analysts.


Web and App Dev | IT | E-commerce |Government | Public Services | Financial Services | Banking | Telecoms | Utilities | Design |Media


2 Days

Locations and Date

London: 6 November, 2017

Sydney: 22 January,  2018

San Francisco: 29 February, 2018