Learn Coaching Techniques to help individuals and teams more effectively work through the Design Thinking process.

We believe a good coach works at multiple levels: they understand the principles, they are experts in practices and how apply design thinking and they are strategists that understand how to deal with different challenges and adopt the right approach. Part of being a coach is encouraging people to step outside of their comfort zone and adopt a learning-mindset.

We coach individuals and teams to adopt the behaviours, tools and practices that enable them to be more effective in delivering measurable outcomes using design thinking and importantly design doing!


An effective way to get traction and deliver impacts from day one is to embed player coaches in teams. A player-coach is able to help by being immersed in a team leading the day-to-day work while simultaneously coaching and training people using just-in-time learning and coaching as and when it its needed.

As teams scale with the organisation, it’s important to recognise the limitations of the player-coach model and we recommend that distinct coaching and trainer roles are established where scale of operations demand a dedicated resource.

Coaching Course Outline

Introduction: What makes a great coach

Principles and approaches to coaching – From Mentoring, Training to Goal-Setting

Encouraging a learning mindset – Recognising different learninf style and personality traits

Methods and Tools: Learning Frameworks & Personal Learning Profiles,

Measuring Success: Performance – Behaviours, Practices and Outcomes

Coaching Rituals – from Check-ins to Performance Reviews