“Agile Service Design At Scale”

This workshop will give you both a strategic and practical working knowledge of how Service Design can be applied and scaled in complex transformation environments using agile principles. “Agile Service Design At Scale”
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You will learn how to deliver fast-wins using a range of service design tools to develop a transformation backlog for organisations using agile approaches such as SAFe. Attendees will be introduced to some new canvases that support working in teams with complex service transformation and design challenges.

Learn about core and advanced concepts in service design using collaborative practices and tried-and-tested tools to develop customer and colleague centric experiences. 

The course will teach you how to:

Scale agile service desgin processes and practices.

User design operations principles to develop service design capabilities for agile organisations.

Scale service design capabilites and a community of practice using design operations principles. 

Identify change candidates and opportunities in the value chain. 

Blueprint services using a three tier model that is focussed on CX, business operations and technology capabilities 

Develop value propositions and new business models as you transform your organistion to become a digital innovator.

Prototype, test and evaluate service concepts to de-risk projects and apply evidenced principles.

Use different ways to model, test, evaluate and communicate service design concepts and their benfits to decision-makers.

Create three connected backlogs - the 'Mixed Backlog' focused on customer and colleague desirability, business viability and value and technology feasibility.

This is workshop that combines pragmatic principles and practical appraoches using a range of new canvases that have been developed and proven while working with large organisations that use SAFe and agile principles to transform their services.