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Manchester | 4 May, 2018 | Use this link to book now via Eventbrite 

Sydney | 19 – 23 November, 2018 | Use this link to book now via Eventbrite 

About This Workshop

In this intense Masterclass and lasts 5 days you will learn a common understanding of service design. Learn how service design theory and practices can be applied by teams to solve complex challenges in the design and development of innovative services. This workshop is an active and participatory introduction to the practices, tools, methods and core principles of Service Design.

Why do this course

This is a 5 Day Course and it will give you both a strategic and practical working knowledge of how Service Design can be applied to develop a transformation strategy and then how to deliver fast-wins in an organisation that is seeking innovative to deal with complex service design challenges.

We teach core and advanced concepts in service design using collaborative practices and tried-and-tested tools to developed user centric experiences.

This course is concerned with advanced concepts in service design thinking using tried-and-tested tools applied by the world’s leading organisations. The course will teach you how to:

  • Plan and work with customers using advanced research techniques.
  • Use data to develop data informed strategies.
  • Plan and undertake service safaris and heuristic reviews of services.
  • Identify painpoints in services to identify how an organisation, its people and processes can be optimised.
  • Develop value propositions and new business models.
  • Use different ways to model and communicate design concepts and benfits to stakeholders.
  • How to plan change, the Epics and User Stories concerned with transforming services.
  • Develop service journey maps and blueprint serivces and their touchpoints.
  • Identify new roles, define skills and competencies and the typs of actors (humans) and agents (bots) that deliver services.
  • Prototype and test services.
  • Scale services and develop roadmaps using agile approaches.


Peter Fossick | Director of Service Design, Factotum Design and Founder of the IXSD Academy  | Linkedin Profile

Course Outline

Day 1

01 Introduction to Service Design | What is service design? Why use service design? Who uses service design?

02 Aligning Stakeholders | What’s on My Radar | Stakeholder Maps

03 Users and Ethnographic Research | Methods: Service Safaris | Interviewing | Heuristic Reviews

Meet-The- Expert: Thought Leader Keynote

Evening Drinks

Day 2

04 Empathy and Journey Maps | Methods: Empathy Maps | As-is-Scenario Maps

05 Opportunity Areas | Methods: Blue Ocean Strategy | Opportunity Statements Starters (How Might We…)

06 Value Proposations | Value Proposition Canvas

Studio Visit: Meet the Experts and Mixer

Thought Leader Keynote

Day 3

07 Ideation | Methods: Big Ideas | Prioritisation Grid

07 Agile Methods | Methods: Storyboarding, Epics and User Stories (Agile Methodology)

08 Working with Users | Methods: Co-Design Workshops, Feature Cards and MoSCoW Prioritisation

Meet-The- Expert: Thought Leader Keynote

Day 4

09 Service Journey | Method: Touchpoint Matrix

10 Service Journey | Method: Actors Map

Brown-Bag Meet-Up: Financial Services Leader

11 Service Journey | Method: Service Journey Canvas

12 Service Model | Methods: Service Blueprinting


Day 5

13 Prototyping Services | Prototyping Services | Methods: Evidencing | Rapid Service Prototyping | Body Storming | Paper Prototyping

14 User Testing | Methods: Resonance Testing and Think-aloud Walkthroughs

15 Business Models | Methods: Business Model Canvas

16 Storytelling | Methods: Concept Posters and Microsites

Who is this course for?

We have aimed this at:

  • Non-designers and professionals involved in developoing and transforming services.
  • Designers that have a background in Graphics, Media, Advertsing, UX or UI Design or another design discipline.

Sectors that can benefit

Health Services | Media | Advertiseing | Marketing| Education | IT | Government | Public Services | Financial Services | Banking | Telecoms | Utilities | Start-Ups | Design


To learn more about this course and our other courses in Service Design, UX and Design Thinking or to discuss a bespoke or customised workshop please call Peter Fossick on (UK) +44 7972 905474 or request a call back (Network charges may apply depending upon you service provider)

About the IXSD Academy™

The Academy was created to help people and organisations unleash their creative potential to deliver innovation at speed.

Please note the IXSD Academy, its agents and its associates reserve the right to make changes to the courses, outlines and content.

Who is this course for?

We have aimed this at

Non-designers and professionals that do not have a background in design but are interested in optimising their service offering.

Designers that have a background in UX or UI Design or another design discipline.


IT | Government | Public Services | Financial Services | Banking | Telecoms | Utilities


2 Days

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