Welcome to the IXSD Academy™ where we help organisations and individuals unleash their creative potential to deliver innovation at speed through our short courses and immersive workshops. 

We deliver short courses and workshops in a range of subjects and we are adding more each month. Here are some the subjects we cover:

Design Thinking | Blue Ocean Strategy | | Innovation Strategies

Service Design | UX Design | Interaction Design | Visual Design 

User Research Methods | Prototyping for Digital 

Agile | Sprint Planning 

Building A Lean Start-Up | Pitching | Funding Your Start-Up

Blockchain | Bots, AI and Cognitive Systems 

To learn more about our courses or to discuss a workshop please call (UK) +44 7972 905474 or request a call back (Network charges may apply depending upon you service provider). Or use this link to get more information 

Learning how to use design thinking to work collaboratively

IXSD Active Learning™

We teach and coach people using our IXSD Active Learning™ methodology using immersive workshops that are highly energised.

Importantly, we are experienced designers, developers, business leaders and entrepreneurs that have been shaping design thinking and business practices while working within the world’s leading corporations, consultancies and design agencies.

With a proven track record in delivering disruptive innovation in the digital economy, we give you the tools and processes to get the job done.

A spectrum of learning experiences

Our IXSD Essentials™ are a series of courses that enable people from diverse disciplines to learn new skills and how to collaborate at speed using a bootcamp format.

Our IXSD Masterclass™ programs are for experienced professionals that need advanced courses and coaching sessions that are created specifically for a particular business, group of people or unique challenge where there is a deep learning approach exploring principles and practices.

Home_hero_doingWe specialise in helping people develop skills using workshops, design hacks and sprints that focus on delivering outcomes using tools that are tried and tested in the world’s most innovative companies.

Learn in global design destinations

We conduct our programmes in cities known for their leadership in design and innovation.SanFran_redOur courses are set in global design and innovation hubs including London, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Miami, Milan, Berlin, Frankfurt, Brussels as well as Hong Kong, Beijing, Melbourne or Sydney.

  • We offer a unique learning experience in immersive workshops with a structured curriculum taught by experts featuring case studies.
  • We feature guest speakers that are leaders in their field and arrange visits to studios, companies, inspiring exhibitions, and events.
  • These are residential workshops that are set in amazing spaces where you can interact before and after the day’s events.
  • For groups of 10 or more we can create a bespoke programme and learning experience that is tailored to your needs and business challenges.

To discuss your needs call +44 7972 905474 or request a call back. (Network charges may apply depending upon you service provider)